Best way to generate sales from your follow up emails


Do you feel frustrated when you are not getting any sales from your follow up emails?

Even though you are getting a few sales, but you know it could be better.

Over 80% of the sales happened in the follow up sequence, most of the marketer know the power of email follow up, but they don’t know the correct way to email follow up with their leads, thus, it made their email sounds salesy.

I am going to share the 3 ways to add value to your follow up emails that you can implement and generate result immediately.

1) overcome every objection in every follow up emails

Follow up email sequence is just like a sales closing call, your prospect will give you a lot of objection not to buy your products or services, so your job as an online marketer is to overcome their objection. Every time when you begin to write a follow up email, you should have their possible objection in mind, so that you can craft the whole email to overcome the objection.

Possible objection:

* They don’t have the budget to invest

* They don’t trust you

* They don’t believe your offer will generate result for them

Think about how you could overcome these objections with words.

2) add value (knowledge)

The real value to add to your subscribers, is to provide profound realisation for them, if the information in your email can easily search it on google, then it is not that valuable. Ask yourself this, what is the “best kept secret” that you can share with your subscribers?

3) provide freebies

People love freebies, if you are an ecommerce store, you can give away discount code frequently,

You still have no idea what kind of freebies to give away? Check out the example below:

– Guide/Ebook

– Worksheet/workbook

– Cheatsheet

– Video Training

– Audio recording

– Quiz

– Free course


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