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How KC Chow Consulting's Clients Are Now Generating At Least 10% to 20%  Of Their Revenue… Solely From Email!    "KC Chow Consulting helped my E-commerce store generated an EXTRA 13% Revenue solely from just 7 days"  (Jarret W. E-commerce Store Owner)   " I have been using KC Chow Consulting’s Email Marketing Service

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Do you treat your browse abandons and cart abandons the same? I.e. do you use the same copy and same emails? If so, you could be leaving THOUSANDS on the table. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s back up and define the difference between a browse and cart abandon. A browse abandon means your

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Do You Want To Increase Your Pop Up Conversion Rate? 👇 . 4 Quick Tips You Can Use To Boost Your Pop-Up Conversion Rate, 📈 . ▶️1): Keep It Simple After Tons Of Testing, I found out that Simple design or structure will convert better than complicated design. . ▶️2): Craft Relevant Copy To Your Visitors Your

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Top 3 Tips To Prevent Your Emails From Going To The Spam Folder   Does your email keep sending to the spam folder? You will lose a lot of money when your email starts landing into spam box, even though you have the high converting email automation set up. Tip1: Clean Your Email List How

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Do this to Re-engage your inactive email subscribers And Cleaning Your Email List   1) Define your inactive subscribers The majority of marketers will gauge inactive subscribers as anyone who has not responded, opened, clicked, or acted on any email sent in the past 6 -12 months. However, I recommend you should decrease the time

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Top 5 Tips: How To Craft A Cold Email For Higher Response Rate   Tip 1: Subject Line Your email is only as good as your subject line, and there are a lot of information available online about writing a high converting subject line. But the best way to find a good subject line is

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Best way to generate sales from your follow up emails   Do you feel frustrated when you are not getting any sales from your follow up emails? Even though you are getting a few sales, but you know it could be better. Over 80% of the sales happened in the follow up sequence, most of

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5 Types Of Email Subject Line Ideas For Your Next Email Marketing Campaign   1) The Warning Subject Line - (Name), warning about your job search - (Name), a warning about this new product launch - (Name), a warning about this limited time free strategy session 2) The Secret Subject Line - (Name), top 5

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5 Common Mistakes that will cause you to lose a lot of money in your Email Marketing campaign   1) Sending too often Most business owners think “more” is better, they often over send the email to their subscribers. Ideally, one email subscriber should only receive one email from you per day, this is the

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  Top 8 Ways To Boost Sales For Your Email Marketing Campaign.   1) Segment your subscribers through action trigger There are a lot of ways to segment your mailing list, for example, survey results, emails openers, certain products’ buyers and emails’ clickers etc. Segmentation can increase your email subscribers’ engagement because you will