How KC Chow Consulting’s Clients Are Now
Generating At Least 10% to 20%  Of Their Revenue…
Solely From Email!


 “KC Chow Consulting helped my E-commerce store generated an EXTRA 13% Revenue solely from Email….in just 7 days” 

(Jarret W. E-commerce Store Owner)


” I have been using KC Chow Consulting’s Email Marketing Service for one month and already seen 18% increased in revenue, I would highly recommend you to use KC Chow Consulting’s service, according to my experience, they are professional, responsible with high standard work ethics.

They are willing to help you from the most detailed technical support to the long-term strategy. I’ve already learned a lot from them, and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.”

(Aaron Li, E-commerce Store Owner)



To Begin With, We Started By Improving Website Lead-Gen Conversion (Pop-Up)

The front-end Pop up lead generation is one of the most important parts, the result of the pop up can easily affect the result of the back-end Email Marketing,

We first launch different version of pop-up and test it for a few days to see which images and copy convert well,

Our goal is to aim for 10% to 20%  Opt-in conversion rate, that means 5,000 daily website visitors,

500 to 1000 visitors will convert to Email Subscribers,

Our clients usually get 15% to 20% Conversion rate, please see the example below:


Audit Their Existing Email Automation Sequence, And Give It A Make Over

In one of our clients’ case, he already has an existing email automation sequence set up for his E-commerce store,

we did an initial analysis of his existing Email Marketing Sequence, and found out that there were specific areas that were “weak links.”

We knew we could improve his email sequence with better email copy, email content and attention-grabbing design.

Plus, we overhauled their email sequences completely, using the FOOL-PROOF email system we’ve developed at KC Chow Consulting through thousands of split-tests,

Please see the overview of our email system below:

You’ll see some samples of the emails we’ve created for our clients,

You may have noticed that our emails look very different from most other eCommerce emails you’ll see on the internet.

We don’t do graphics-heavy emails — instead, we use powerful psychological “buying” triggers, written in the voice of the brand. And as you can see from the results above, these have been very effective.

Of course, great images and graphics have their place (in fact, the right images will bump conversion rates). But our philosophy is — every element inside an email must EARN its place in terms of sales.

If a graphic does not help the reader get closer to their buying decision… we won’t add it. This includes the copy (text) we use in these emails. Every word and image must justify itself in sales.

This is how we can


a return on your investment….

Example of email structure:


The Combination Of Different Email Campaign Strategy

We use different Email Campaign Strategy for different Email List Segment,

Here are some examples of our Email Campaign Strategy:

  1. Content Email
  2. Survey Email
  3. Engagement Email
  4. Promotional Email

Example: Unengaged List ( More than 60 – 90 Days), we will send out Engagement Email to these segment, and re-engage them to become active buyers



You Don’t Need A HUGE Email List To Generate Good Result

We had a startup brand client with a completely new e-commerce store and a small email list,

This client first came to us, and he was worried about Email Marketing won’t work for his small email list,

Without a doubt,

With our strategy, even with a small 1000 to 2000 Email Subscriber List, it can still generate an incredible result,

Imagine, if you have a big email list like 10,000 to 100,000 list…. how it would look like?

Please see the example below: (High Opened Rate, High CTR, High Engagement Rate)



Want Similar Result Like This? You Could Be Next…

Would you like to explode your sales and grow rapidly like our clients?

If so, you MUST utilise email more effectively,

Of course, you could go at it yourself and waste your time trying to figure out everything on your own,

But doesn’t it make sense to outsource email to a specialist with a proven track record to maximise sales?

This way you can free up your time to focus on other important aspects of growing your business,

If this sounds like an intelligent business decision to you, then you should book a chat with us.

This is a no-obligation chat to find out if your brand will be a good fit for KC Chow Consulting,

You see, we’re very particular about who we work with and we don’t take just anyone on-board, because…


We Guarantee A  Return On Your Investment… Or Your Money Back

For every client we bring on-board, We guarantee a significant ROI on the resources you invest in us.

If you never see a positive ROI in your first month, then we will refund every penny back,

That’s why there’s absolutely NO risk in it for you.

We’ve taken on all the risk to ensure that you can work with us with zero stress and zero risks,

The only reason we can offer such an outrageous guarantee is because we have absolute confidence in the system we’ve developed over the years. It has brought in blockbuster sales for every client we’ve worked with, no matter the industry!

However, this is also why we are very particular about the businesses we work with,

That’s why if you’d like to work with us and start exploding your email sales… We need to have a quick chat first to find out if we are a good fit.

And if our discussion reveals that we will be a good fit… Then great, you’re covered by our 100% money back guarantee!

To book a chat, click the link below:

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